320 Embracing New Media

In Age of Persuasion on June 15, 2009 at 11:30 am

When the telephone was first invented, a debate arose: not over the invention itself, but over what to say when answering it. In time, the word “hello” prevailed. As Terry O’Reilly observes, the creation of each new medium brings with it a learning curve, as its strengths are discovered, and its ‘language invented. Terry explores ways marketers and advertisers have struggled with each new medium: how early radio was treated as ‘print read aloud’, and how early TV was ‘Radio with pictures’. And he’ll show how, only now, marketers are beginning to speak the new ‘language’ of the Internet.

  1. […] more on this idea of evolving media listen to the “New Media” episode of the excellent CBC podcast Age of Persuasion.  It gives an excellent overview of the evolution […]

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